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Requesting Feedback for Team Members in a 360-Degree Feedback Cycle
Requesting Feedback for Team Members in a 360-Degree Feedback Cycle

This article explains how managers and admins can request feedback on behalf of their team members during a 360-degree feedback cycle.

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In a 360-degree feedback cycle, HR professionals, managers, or Teamflect admins play a crucial role in gathering comprehensive feedback for team members. This guide outlines the steps to efficiently request feedback on behalf of team members using Teamflect.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Visit the Team Member's Profile:

  • Navigate to Teamflect and log in to your account.

  • Use the "User Search" feature located on the left rail of Teamflect.

  • Enter the name of the team member whose feedback you want to request.

  • Click on the individual's profile to access their details.

2. Access the Feedback Module:

Once on the team member's profile, scroll down to locate the "Feedback" module.

3. Find the 360-Degree Feedback Cycle:

  • Within the "Feedback" module, locate the ongoing 360-degree feedback cycle associated with the team member.

  • Click on the cycle to access its details.

4. Identify Feedback Providers:

Within the feedback cycle, find the "Feedback Providers" section.

Here, you can enter the names or emails of individuals you wish to request feedback from.

Ensure to include relevant stakeholders such as peers, supervisors, and direct reports.

5. Send Feedback Requests:

  • Enter the names or emails of the feedback providers in the designated field.

  • Customize the message if necessary to provide context or specific instructions.

  • Click "Send" to dispatch the feedback requests.

Beneficial Use Cases:

  1. Managerial Feedback:

    A people manager can request feedback from direct reports, peers, and supervisors to gain insights into the team member's performance, collaboration, and leadership skills.

  2. Developmental Feedback:

    HR professionals can initiate feedback cycles to support employees' professional growth by soliciting constructive feedback on strengths, areas for improvement, and developmental opportunities.

  3. Performance Reviews:

    Utilizing 360-degree feedback, organizations can enrich traditional performance evaluations with multi-perspective insights, enhancing the fairness and accuracy of assessments.

By following these steps, HR professionals, managers, and Teamflect admins can streamline the process of collecting valuable feedback to support employee development and organizational growth.

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