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How does the "Send as" field in survey templates work?
How does the "Send as" field in survey templates work?
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Admins can now ensure greater discretion and professionalism when sending out surveys by utilizing the new "Send as" feature. This functionality allows admins to send surveys without revealing their names, instead opting for a chosen alias such as 'HR Team' or 'Administrator'.

Here's a detailed guide on how to utilize this feature effectively:

Step 1: Access the Admin Center

Begin by accessing your admin center at, where you'll find the tools and features necessary to manage surveys and other aspects of your organization's operations.

Step 2: Select the survey template

Choose the survey template that best fits the purpose of your survey. Whether it's gathering employee feedback, conducting employee satisfaction surveys, or any other purpose, select the appropriate template.

Step 3: Initiate Survey Creation

Click on the 'Start' button to initiate the process of creating a new survey based on the selected template. This will prompt you to fill out various details to customize the survey according to your needs.

Step 4: Fill out the survey details

Provide essential information such as the scenario for the survey, the name of the survey, and the list of respondents who will receive it. Ensure accuracy and clarity in the details provided to maximize the effectiveness of the survey.

Step 5: Define Alias

This is where the "Send as" feature comes into play. Choose an alias that will represent the sender of the survey. Select a name that reflects the nature of the survey or the role within the organization, such as 'HR Team', 'Administrator', or any other suitable alias.

Step 6: Send Out the Survey

Once all the details are filled out and the alias is defined, proceed to send out the survey. Your end-users will receive the survey from the alias name you've specified, providing a discreet and professional experience.

  • By utilizing the "Send as" field in survey templates, admins can maintain anonymity while effectively gathering feedback and insights from respondents.

  • This feature enhances the overall survey experience, promoting transparency and professionalism within the organization. Explore this functionality in your admin center today to streamline your survey processes and ensure confidentiality when needed.

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