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How can I start a survey cycle in Teamflect?
How can I start a survey cycle in Teamflect?
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In Teamflect, you can create survey cycles just like you create review cycles. In the company, you can get the opinions of the employees or ask them to evaluate an issue by preparing surveys on the changing usage scenarios. Afterward, you can automate the prepared surveys and send them to the employees at regular intervals.

Example scenarios

  • Employee Engagement Survey

  • Pulse Survey

  • Onboarding and Exit Survey

  • Manager Review

To create a survey, first go to Teamflect Admin Center

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Surveys" tab.

Click "Create and Initiate Surveys."

When the page opens, please click the "+ Create new template" button located at the top of the page.

Template Details:

Step 1 of 5

When you click this button, a new survey window will open. In this section, set a title for your template. If you have a description, write it in the description section.

Finally, in this section, choose whether the template can be sent only from the admin center. If you turn this button on, managers won't be able to conduct surveys with this template.

After completing these parts, click "Visibility" to move on to the next step.

Visibility: Step 2 of 5

In this section, choose whether the survey results will be visible only to Teamflect admins or to managers of employees who completed the survey along with Teamflect admins, and set up notifications to be sent when the survey is complete. If you select "Results are visible to Teamflect admins only" as visibility, you can choose not to send notifications or send notifications to Teamflect admins in the notification settings section.

If you select "Results are visible to survey responders' managers and Teamflect admins" as visibility, you can choose any of the 4 options in the notification settings section.

In addition to the visibility and notification settings, you can conduct 100% anonymous surveys to make sure everyone expresses their opinions without the fear of being identified.

Minimum reporting group: If enabled, in the small box provided, enter the number that determines the minimum reporting group size. Managers with fewer direct reports than this specified number will be affected by this setting and will not have the opportunity to conduct surveys anonymously, resulting in them accessing the survey responses. To learn more about the minimum reporting group function, please refer to this article here.

After completing these parts, continue to the "Survey Questions" step.

Survey Questions: Step 3 of 5

In this section, you must select the question sets that will be included in the survey. For this, please click the "Add question set" button. You will see two options. You can create a new question set by using the "Create new" button, or you can choose the ones you want from the existing question sets by clicking "Select from existing."

If you've selected the ''Select from existing'' option, you'll be able to customize the question set however you want. To do that, please click ''See/edit questions'' located under the selected question set.

Now you can easily change the type of question with options like Freeform, Multiple Choice, Rating, Ranking, Likert Scale, and NPS. It's worth mentioning that you can ask for additional comments and make the questions required if needed.

Additional comments and the NPS voters' names will be visible within the app below each question, as shown below.

After adding or editing the question set, you can move on to the next step, "Summary and Test."

Summary and Test: Step 4 of 5

You will see three options at the bottom. You can click the "Save & use later" button to use the survey later. You can use the "Save & Test" button to test the survey you have created. You can use the "Save & Start" button to start the survey. When you press "Save & Start," you will be automatically redirected to the last step.

Start & Automate: Step 5 of 5

You will see three scenarios in this section. You can start the survey cycle by selecting the scenario you want.

For detailed information about the scenarios, you can read our article.

Once you are done with all the settings, click "Start" to start the survey.

You will be asked to confirm before starting the survey. Once you start the survey, you will not be able to make any changes to the template.

After you start the survey, you will be redirected to the "Survey Cycles" page, where you can see a list of your existing reviews and survey cycles.

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