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How can I set up automation for the surveys?
How can I set up automation for the surveys?
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Teamflect administrators can now optimize their feedback and evaluation processes by automating surveys. Through the Teamflect platform, administrators can schedule and send surveys periodically or based on specific time milestones. This automation eliminates the need for manual survey creation and distribution, saving time and effort.

In this article, we will explore the different scenarios in which survey automation can be utilized and the steps involved in setting it up within the Teamflect Admin Center.

To automate a survey cycle, first, go to the Teamflect Admin Center at "".

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Surveys" tab.

Click "Create and initiate surveys."

When the subsequent page opens, you will see the existing templates.

If you want to automate one of the existing templates, please choose the desired template and click the "Start" button to set up automation.

There are three scenarios in the new window.

Scenario 1: “Start a one-time survey cycle now.”

A. Define the cycle name first. If needed, you can send the survey with an alias. E.g.: HR, System, etc.

B. Select the respondents using one of the five options in the Respondents section.

  • Everyone in the company

Note: When you select this option, the survey is also sent to users who do not use Teamflect at the company. Teamflect receives their information through Microsoft Azure.

  • Everyone who has signed in to Teamflect so far

  • Choose individuals manually or select groups

  • Filter users by attributes

  • Upload a CSV file and send surveys to the selected e-mail addresses.

By choosing this option, you can upload a CSV file containing the user emails, and you can set the survey to be sent to the e-mail addresses in this file. For this, first download the CSV template file. Open the downloaded file and add the desired e-mail addresses. After saving the file, click the "+ Choose File" button and upload your file.

C. Set the survey's due date.

D. Initiate the survey by clicking "Start" to send a one-time survey.

Scenario 2: “Periodical automation ( weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)”

When you choose this scenario, you can send the surveys to people with certain frequencies.

  • For this, you must first define a cycle name. Define the cycle name with the "{{period}}" placeholder for dynamic naming.

For example, if you name the cycle "Performance Survey for {{period}}", the automated survey created after 2023's Q1 will be named "Performance Survey for Q1 2023.". If the frequency is monthly, the automated survey created after 2023's January will be named "Performance Survey for January 2023.".

  • After specifying the cycle name, you must select the frequency. There are four options here. These are the "end of each month," "end of each quarter," "weekly," and ''yearly'' options. Choose one of these four options.

  • If needed, you can send the survey with an alias. E.g., HR, {{Manager name}}, System, etc., and select the respondents.

  • Add optional notes for participants. Finally, choose the due dates for surveyees.

  • Your automation is now ready. You can save this automation by clicking the "save automation" button.

You can view the saved automation rules by clicking the "Automation" section on the “Survey Templates” page.

You can view the details of the automation by clicking on it.

Scenario 3: “New hire automation (employees who complete their first X days)”

In this scenario, administrators can automate surveys for employees who complete a specific number of days in the company. The steps are as follows:

  • To set up this automation, first set the cycle name. Then, select by whose name it should be sent to the employees in the ''Send as'' section.

  • Then select how many days after the employee's hire date the survey should be submitted.

Note: You can click the "Only send to users who have logged in to Teamflect" button if you do not want to send to users who are not supposed to use and log in to Teamflect.

  • After optionally filtering the employees based on some attributes, set the time and timezone to send the survey. If you have a note for the survey participants, you can optionally add it.

  • Finally, choose the due dates for the reviewer, surveyee, and finalization.

Your automation is now ready. You can save this automation by clicking the "save automation" button.

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