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How can I start a probation review?
How can I start a probation review?
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With Teamflect's review automation feature, when your employees complete their first 90 days at the company, you can automatically send them the first 90-day review. You can use the same automation scenario for 30, 60 and 180-day reviews.

Step 1

To set up this review automation, first go to Teamflect Admin Center

Step 2

Find "Modules" on the left navigation bar and click the "Reviews" tab.

Step 3

Click "Start new review cycle".

Step 4

When the page opens, you will see the existing templates in the dropdown menu. Please choose the “90-day Review,” select a scenario, and click the "Start" button to set up automation.

There are 3 scenarios in the opened window.

  • Please choose “Automate for employees who complete their first "X" days in the company”.

  • To set up this automation, first set the cycle name. Then select how many days after the employee's hire date the review should be submitted. According to that scenario, you should write 90 in this section because you want to send the review after the first 90 days have passed.

  • You can check the “Only send to users who logged in to Teamflect” box if you want to send this review only to users logged into Teamflect.

Step 5

Then set the time and timezone to send the review. If you have a note for the review participants, you can optionally add it. Your automation is now ready. You can save this automation by clicking the "save automation" button.

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