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Extending Due Dates for Surveys in Teamflect
Extending Due Dates for Surveys in Teamflect
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In Teamflect, it's crucial to adhere to the due dates for surveys, as they are hard deadlines. As the administrator, it's your responsibility to ensure that users can complete and submit surveys. If a survey is past its due date, you must extend the deadline to enable users to complete it. Failure to do so will result in users being unable to submit their responses.

Here's a brief guide on how to extend due dates seamlessly:

Accessing the Admin Center:

Begin by navigating to your Admin Center within Teamflect. This centralized hub provides access to various administrative functions.

Navigating to the Surveys Module:

Within the Admin Center, locate and click on the "Surveys" module. This is where you'll manage survey-related tasks.

Viewing Existing Surveys:

In the Surveys module, select the option to "See existing/created surveys."

Here, you'll find a list of surveys currently active or created within your organization.

Editing the Survey Cycle:

Identify the relevant survey cycle that requires a due date extension, then click on "Edit" to access the editing interface.

Adjusting Due Date:

Scroll down to the due date section within the editing interface. Extend the due date as needed to accommodate users' completion timelines.

Applying Changes:

Once you've adjusted the due date accordingly, click on "Update" to save and apply the changes to the survey cycle.

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