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How can I create a 1-on-1 meeting in Teamflect?
How can I create a 1-on-1 meeting in Teamflect?
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Since Teamflect is already integrated into your Microsoft Outlook calendar, you don't have to use Teamflect while creating a 1-on-1 meeting - it will be synced automatically from Outlook to Teamflect. However, if you do so, you will have the chance to see mutually available time slots without putting two different calendars side by side and will be able to add talking points while arranging your 1-on-1 meeting.

To create a new 1-on-1 meeting, you can click the "New 1-on-1" button which is available in two places:

My People Page


When you click the "New 1-on-1" button, a new pop-up window will open.

Choose a slot for the meeting, add your talking points, and click "Schedule"

When you click "Schedule", Teamflect will send you to Microsoft Teams' native scheduling page where you can do things like adding a meeting room, adding recurrence and etc.

When you arrange your 1-on-1 meeting on this page, it will start appearing on Teamflect's Homepage.

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