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How can I send back reviews for resubmission?
How can I send back reviews for resubmission?
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We are aware of how critical it is to receive accurate and thorough feedback from your team members during review periods. In some circumstances, you might have to send a review back for revision so that more changes and remarks can be made.

Here's how you can send back a review for resubmission in 2 simple steps:

1. Go to the Reviews module and find the review you want to send back for resubmission.

2. Click ''Send back for re-submission'' placed on the right, under the review's status.

Note: Just to let you know, the input that's already been added to the review will not disappear when the review is sent back for resubmission. This means that the reviewee will be able to see your notes and comments alongside their original input.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the review process is thorough and effective and that your team members are receiving the feedback they need to improve their work.

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