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How can I utilize the people picker in review questions?
How can I utilize the people picker in review questions?
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Introducing the People Picker Question Type in Teamflect

This feature enhances your review process by allowing you to select specific individuals for feedback and evaluation. Here's how to get started:

Accessing the Admin Center:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Center in Teamflect.

  2. Locate the Reviews Module.

  1. Click on the "See Review Question Sets" button.

  2. Create a new question set or edit an existing one.

Choosing the People Picker Question Type:

  1. Within the question set, click on the dropdown menu to select the question type.

  2. Choose "People Picker" from the options.

Configuring the Question:

  1. Write your question in the provided text field.

  2. Select the minimum and maximum number of people to be picked for this question.

  • Choose whether both the reviewer and the reviewee can answer the question.

  • Select if only the reviewer or the reviewee can answer.

Sending Out the Review:

  1. Once the review is ready, send it out to the participants.

Viewing the People Picker Question in the Review:

  1. When participants receive the review, the question set with the People Picker option will be displayed as per the selected configuration.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Here are some potential use cases for the People Picker Question Type in Teamflect:

1. 360-Degree Feedback: Utilize the People Picker question type to gather comprehensive feedback from specific individuals chosen by both the reviewer and the reviewee. This can enhance the depth and accuracy of evaluations in a 360-degree feedback process.

2. Performance Evaluation: Customize review question sets with the People Picker option to tailor evaluations based on the specific roles and relationships within your organization. For example, managers can select peers, subordinates, and supervisors for feedback, ensuring a well-rounded assessment of an employee's performance.

3. Project Reviews: When conducting project reviews, project managers can use the People Picker question type to gather input from team members who directly contributed to or were impacted by the project. This allows for targeted feedback collection and facilitates improvements in future project endeavors.

4. Team Development: Foster team collaboration and growth by allowing team members to select peers for feedback on various skills or competencies. This encourages a supportive feedback culture and enables individuals to identify areas for personal and professional development.

5. Training Evaluation: In training programs or workshops, instructors can use the People Picker question type to gather feedback from participants on specific aspects of the training, such as presentation style, content relevance, or group activities. This feedback can then be used to refine future training sessions and improve overall effectiveness.

6. Succession Planning: HR professionals can utilize the People Picker question type in succession planning processes to gather insights from key stakeholders regarding potential candidates for leadership roles. This targeted feedback can inform decisions related to talent development and succession strategies.

By leveraging the People Picker Question Type in Teamflect, organizations can enhance their review processes, gather more targeted feedback, and ultimately support employee growth and development.

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