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How to add resources to the modules for your users in Teamflect?
How to add resources to the modules for your users in Teamflect?
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As an admin on Teamflect, you can enhance your users' experience by providing them with valuable resources directly within the modules. These resources can include files or links that users can check and read through, tailored to your company's structure and specific needs.

To add resources for your users, log in to your Teamflect admin account at

Step 1: Locate the Resources Section

On the left rail of the Admin Center, find and click on the "Resources" section.

Step 2: Enable the Resource Functionality

Before you can start adding resources, make sure the functionality is enabled. You can do this by toggling the button to "ON."

Step 3: Add a New Resource

Once the resource functionality is enabled, click on the "Add New Resource" button to create a new resource.

Step 4: Choose the Module

Select the module in which you want the resource to appear. Different resources can be added to each module, allowing for a customized experience for your users.

Step 5: Select the Type of Resource

You can choose between adding a link or a file. If you're adding a link, simply copy and paste the URL into the designated box. If it's a file, select the file from your computer.

Step 6: Provide a Title for Your End Users

Give the resource a descriptive and informative title, so your users know what to expect when they access it.

Step 7: Adjust Visibility

Determine who can access the resource by adjusting its visibility settings. You have three options: "Everyone," "People Managers," or "Individual Contributors." Choose the most appropriate option based on your intended audience.

Step 8: Review and Save

Double-check all the details you've provided for the resource. If everything looks good, click the "Save" button to add the resource to the selected module.

Once the resource is added, you can verify how it appears inside the module. The resources section is located at the top right of each module.

Below is how the resource will be visible to your designated audience. If the resource is a file, they can simply click on it, and it will be automatically downloaded to their device.

Note: If a resource is not added, end users will not see the "Resources" section inside the modules. However, as a Teamflect admin, you will always be able to view the section regardless.

Adding resources to the modules is a powerful way to enhance your users' learning experience and ensure they have easy access to relevant information. Keep your resources up to date and make sure to tailor them to the specific needs of your users and company structure.

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