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How can I upload custom user attributes to Teamflect in bulk?
How can I upload custom user attributes to Teamflect in bulk?
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We know that managing user properties efficiently is a critical aspect of your performance management and deployment. That's why we've enhanced the user experience in Teamflect, making bulk uploads of custom user properties a seamless process. Below, you'll find a detailed guide along with some practical use cases to showcase the versatility of this feature.

Step 1: Access the Admin Center

Start by logging into your Teamflect account and accessing the Admin Center at

Once in the Admin Center, navigate to the 'Users' section and click on 'Active Users' in the left rail.

Step 2: Download the Template

Locate the 'Upload User Attributes via CSV' button within the 'Active Users' section.

Download the CSV template prepared by the Teamflect team specifically for bulk uploads.

Step 3: Template Customization

The template comes with columns representing existing attributes, both the ones synced with MS 365 and manual inputs previously set in Teamflect. So, if you have 5 existing attributes in your account in the ''User Attributes'' section, the template comes with 5 columns; if you have 10, it comes with 10 columns.

Note: For additional attributes, check the 'User Attributes' section. Create any new attributes you need first, and add them to the template as a new column for a seamless upload experience. To learn more about managing user attributes in Teamflect, click here.

Step 4: Fill Out and Save

Now, fill out the template with the relevant data. Ensure accuracy and completeness. Save the filled template to your local device for the next step.

Step 5: Validate

Back in the 'Active Users' section, click on 'Choose a CSV file' and select the template you just saved. Click on the ''Validate'' button to confirm the upload, and Teamflect will take care of processing the data.

Step 6: Confirmation

Once the data is processed, you'll receive a confirmation within the pop-up. Your custom user properties are now successfully uploaded.

Step 7: Verify Changes

Head back to the 'Active Users' section to see the new attributes assigned to your Teamflect users. This step ensures that the changes are reflected accurately.

Use Cases

  • Streamlining Onboarding:

    Easily bulk upload new employee details during onboarding, saving time and ensuring all necessary information is in the system from day one.

  • Role-Based Attributes:

    Customize user attributes based on roles within your organization. For instance, track certifications for specific roles or departments.

  • Personalized Communication:

    Use custom attributes to personalize communication. For example, upload preferences for language or communication method.

  • Training and Development:

    Track training and development progress by adding relevant attributes. This allows HR to monitor and support employee growth.

By following these steps and exploring these use cases, you can maximize the efficiency of your performance management and HR processes using Teamflect's bulk user property upload feature.

Should you have any questions or encounter any challenges, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Here's to smoother HR management with Teamflect!

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