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How can I determine who can/can't use Teamflect in our organization?
How can I determine who can/can't use Teamflect in our organization?
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Teamflect offers two user license management models: Manual and Automatic. The automatic model assigns licenses automatically, while the manual model allows for more granular control over who can access Teamflect by allowing admins to add or upload users in bulk.

To manage licenses, click on the "Admin Center" button in the left-side menu of Teamflect.

In the admin center, click on the "Users" section in the left menu and click on "Active Users"โ€‹

Here you can see both management models.

1) Automatic User License Management Model

The automatic management model automatically assigns one of the existing Teamflect licenses to each user who logs into Teamflect in your organization.

However, if you want to prevent certain individuals from licensing and using Teamflect, you can create a block list by clicking the "manage block list" button.

You can create a block list in two ways.

The first method is to add blocked users manually. For this, press the "Add blocked user" button. Type the names of the users you want to block and click "Confirm"

In the second method, you can determine the users to be blocked in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

For this, click the "Download template" button next to the "Bulk upload emails via CSV" button and download the template to your computer. Then, replace the sample e-mail addresses in the template with the e-mail addresses of the users you want to block. Then save the template.

Upload the saved template to the Admin center by clicking the "Bulk upload emails via CSV" button.

You can see the blocked users in the list on the page.

Blocked users will see a warning page when they log into the Teamflect app.

2) Manual User License Management Model

The manual management model allows Teamflect admins to add users one by one manually, or they can upload a CSV file containing the e-mails of the users who will be licensed in bulk.

For instance, this method is useful for organizations where only a certain department will use Teamflect. Teamflect admins can upload the e-mails of the users in that department as a CSV file, ensuring that only those individuals can use Teamflect.

For this, select the manual mode and click the "Save changes" button.

Note: Remember, as the admin, you can choose to receive notifications if someone not on your approved user list attempts to log in to Teamflect. Toggle the button located under the Manual option.

You can add the users using the "invite users" button as in the following options:

You can share the invitation link through a channel manually by copying the link from the option of "Share Teamflect link manually through any channel":

You can upload the user emails you would like to sign in using a CSV file:

You can type in the emails of the users to send an invitation manually:

Or you can simply invite everybody in your organization who has not signed into Teamflect yet:

If you want to send an invitation email to the users, please check the box and click "Confirm".

Finally, you can click the "Pen" icon to edit the names in the list.

If you want to remove a user, you can click the "Bin" icon. Then please click "Confirm" to remove the user.

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