Why am I a Teamflect admin?
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Teamflect offers many customizable features (recognition badges, feedback templates, and many more), and someone like you needs to manage these, right?

If you see this button on the bottom left of the Teamflect Homepage, it means that you are a Teamflect Administrator.

This can happen in two ways:

  1. You are the first person using Teamflect in your company: If you are the first person using Teamflect in your company, you automatically receive administrator permissions.

  2. Someone has assigned you admin permissions: Teamflect administrators can assign administrator permissions to other people in their company. If you suddenly become an administrator one day, this means that another administrator chooses you as an administrator as well.

If you are not happy being a Teamflect Administrator, you can simply go to https://admin.teamflect.com and click the "Active Users" button on the left menu to add or remove administrators.

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