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How can I create a task in a Teams chat conversation?
How can I create a task in a Teams chat conversation?
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Teamflect lets you create a task while you are chatting with your colleagues in a Teams chat or channel.

Step 1

To create a task, please click the "..." button that appears right above a chat message.

Step 2

When the menu opens, click "More actions" and then click "New Teamflect task"

Step 3

Add details of the task using the pop-up window and click create.

Step 4

Once you click Create, Teamflect will create the task and notify the relevant people. If you want to share this task inside of your Teams chat conversation, just hit enter and post it.

Which will look like the below screenshot:

Alternative Way

There is also a second way to send tasks via chat. Find the Teamflect icon among the icons under the new message bar and click on it.

Then, click on the three dots in the tab and select “New Teamflect Task.”

Follow the same steps as when creating a task within the application and click the “Create” button.

Your task will appear in the chat. Now, you can send your task by clicking the “Send Message” button.

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