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How can I Assign Custom Calibrators to Reviews?
How can I Assign Custom Calibrators to Reviews?
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If you're an admin and need to assign a custom calibrator to a review, you can do it easily in just a few steps. Here are two methods you can follow:

Method 1: Before Initiating the Review Cycle

1. Log in to your admin center at

2. Navigate to the Reviews module.

3. Start the review initiation process by the reviewees which is the last step of template configuration. While configuring the review details, you can assign a custom calibrator by uploading a CSV file. In this file, specify the calibrator's email address. Make sure the chosen calibrator is different from the reviewer.

Method 2: After Reviews are Initiated

1. In the Reviews module, locate the relevant review cycle under the "See Existing Cycles" section.

2. Click on "See/Update Reviews" for the specific review cycle you want to modify.

3. Under the "Calibrator" column, find the reviewee you want to change the calibrator for.

4. Click on the pen icon (edit) next to the calibrator's name and select a new calibrator by inputting their email address.

By following these steps, you can easily assign a custom calibrator to reviews within your Admin Center.

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