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How can I bulk upload 360-degree Feedback participants via CSV in the Review Cycle?
How can I bulk upload 360-degree Feedback participants via CSV in the Review Cycle?
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For reviews within Teamflect that include 360-degree feedback, you now have the option to efficiently upload both providers and receivers in bulk at the beginning of the review cycle. This streamlines the process and automates the step of review template creation. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish this:

How to Upload

  1. Access the Admin Center: Log in to your Teamflect account and navigate to the Admin Center. This is where you can manage various settings and configurations for your organization's reviews.

  2. Create a Review Template: Within the Admin Center, locate the option to create a new review template. Click on this to initiate the template creation process.

  3. Configure 360-Degree Feedback: As you set up the review template, ensure that you include the 360-degree feedback step. Here, you'll have the opportunity to specify the levels of feedback providers, such as peers, managers, direct reports, and external contacts.

  4. Start and Automate Step: After selecting the levels of feedback providers, navigate to the "Start and Automate" step of the review template creation process. This step allows you to automate certain aspects of the review cycle.

  5. Download Template: In the "Start and Automate" step, you'll find an option to download the template for bulk upload. Click on this option to download an Excel file template.

  6. Fill Out Excel File: Open the downloaded Excel file, which serves as a template for bulk upload. You'll find columns for provider, receiver, and type. Fill out this information according to your specific review requirements.

  7. Upload CSV File: Once you've filled out the necessary information in the Excel file, save it as a CSV file. Return to the Teamflect platform and navigate to the designated section for uploading files. Select the option to upload a file and choose the CSV file you just created.

  8. Complete Upload Process: After selecting the CSV file, follow the prompts to complete the upload process. Teamflect will process the file and populate the feedback receivers and providers accordingly.

Important Notes:

  • Bulk uploading of feedback participants is only possible for one-time review cycles and not for automated reviews.

  • Ensure that the CSV file follows the required format, with columns for provider, receiver, and type populated accurately. The type indicates the relationship of the feedback provided between the receiver and provider.

By following these steps, you can efficiently upload feedback receivers and providers via CSV file in bulk, simplifying the review cycle setup process within Teamflect.

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