How can I change my Meetings view?
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In Teamlect, you now have the flexibility to switch between the traditional Agenda View and the new Calendar View, providing you with more ways to organize and manage your meetings effectively.

How to Switch to Calendar View:

  1. Login to Your Teamflect Account: Visit and log in to your account using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Meetings Module: Once logged in, click on the "Meetings" tab located in the navigation menu.

  3. Choose the view: Within the Meetings module, locate the view toggle option. Click on it to reveal the available view options from the dropdown and select the desired option:

  4. Select Work Week View or Week View: Click on it to switch from the default Agenda View to the new Week View.

Exploring Calendar View:

Once you've switched to Week View, you'll notice several benefits:

  • Visual Representation: Calendar View provides a visual representation of your meetings, making it easier to see your schedule at a glance.

  • Customization Options: You can customize Calendar View to display your meetings by workday or by the week, depending on your preference and workflow.

We hope you enjoy using the new Calendar View in the Meetings module. Stay organized, stay productive, and keep collaborating effectively with Teamflect!

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