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How to Utilize the Goal Creation Notification Feature?
How to Utilize the Goal Creation Notification Feature?
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The Goal Creation Notification feature in Teamflect allows administrators to send reminders to users prompting them to create goals within the platform. This notification can be sent via email and Teams chat using the Teamflect Chatbot.

Steps to Send a Goal Creation Notification:

Step 1: Access the Admin Center:

  • Log in to your Teamflect account as an administrator.

  • Navigate to the Admin Center.

Step 2: Navigate to the Goals Module:

  • In the Admin Center, click on "Modules."

  • Select the "Goals" module from the list of available modules.

Step 3: Select Goal Creation Notification:

Within the Goals module, locate and click on "Goal Creation Notification."

Configure Notification Details:

  1. Choose the subject for the notification to clearly indicate its purpose.

  2. Select the sender of the notification using the "send as" feature. This can be Teamflect Goal Creation Notifier, the manager's name, or your own name.

  3. Choose the recipients who will receive the notification. This can include individual users, teams, or specific groups within the organization.

Add a Note for Recipients:

Write a brief note for the recipients to inform them about the purpose and details of the notification. Include instructions on what actions they should take, such as creating their goals within Teamflect.

How will goal creation notification look like?



Utilizing the Goal Creation Notification feature in Teamflect can help administrators remind users to set their goals within the platform effectively. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that users stay on track with their goal-setting activities, ultimately contributing to the overall success of your organization.

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