How to View Attachments within Teamflect
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Teamflect now allows users to preview uploaded attachments directly within the application interface. This feature eliminates the need to download files onto your device to view them, streamlining your workflow and enhancing convenience. Whether it's a .docx, .xlsx, .csv, or .ppt file, you can now seamlessly access and preview your attachments within Teamflect.


  1. Upload Your Attachment: Begin by uploading the desired attachment to Teamflect. You can do this by navigating to the appropriate location within the application and selecting the upload option.

  2. Locate the Attachment: Once the attachment is uploaded, you will see it displayed within Teamflect alongside other relevant content.

  3. Preview the Attachment: To preview the attachment without downloading it, simply click on the file's thumbnail or title. Teamflect will instantly generate a preview of the attachment within the application interface.

  4. Navigate Through the Preview: Depending on the type of attachment, you may have options to navigate through different pages or slides, zoom in or out, and interact with the content as needed.

  5. Close the Preview: After reviewing the attachment, you can easily close the preview window and return to your previous activity within Teamflect.


  • Efficiency: Save time by accessing and previewing attachments directly within Teamflect, eliminating the need for additional downloads and external applications.

  • Convenience: Enjoy seamless access to your files without disrupting your workflow or switching between multiple platforms.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Easily share and review attachments with team members within the Teamflect environment, fostering collaboration and productivity.


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