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How to Enhance Survey Answers Using AI?
How to Enhance Survey Answers Using AI?
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Welcome to Teamflect's AI tool for boosting your survey answers! With our user-friendly setup, you can easily make your survey responses better using artificial intelligence. Here's how to do it step by step:

Step 1: Get to the Surveys Section

  • Log in to Teamflect.

  • Click on "Surveys."

Step 2: Pick a Survey to Work On

  • Choose a survey you want to improve with AI.

  • Open it and write your answers.

Step 3: Use the AI Button

  • After typing your response, find the "Enhance with AI" button.

    • Try Different Options: Clicking this button brings up choices:

      • Regenerate: Rewrite your answer in a new way.

      • Tone: Pick formal, persuasive, or casual.

      • Length: Make your answer shorter or longer.

      • Language: Simplify or check for grammar.

    • Look at Past Versions:

      • Want to compare? Hit "Previous Response."

Step 4: Choose the Improved Text

  • When you're happy, click "Use This Text."

Step 5: Finish and Send

  • Review your updated answer.

  • If it's good, submit your survey.

Follow these steps to boost your survey answers effortlessly with AI in Teamflect. Save time and ensure your responses shine with our AI feature!

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