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Displaying job title/role information on user profiles
Displaying job title/role information on user profiles

Career module, user profile, job title, displaying role, responsibilities

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In the Career module of your admin center, you can enable the setting that allows users to view their job titles, descriptions, key responsibilities, and required competencies. By enabling this setting, you empower your employees to access crucial details about their job roles, responsibilities, and competencies directly from their Teamflect profile.

Use Cases

Enhanced Employee Engagement

  • Employees can now easily access and review their job roles and responsibilities, leading to greater clarity and engagement with their work.

Streamlined Performance Reviews

  • Managers can utilize the visible role information to conduct more informed performance reviews, aligning feedback with specific job responsibilities and competencies.

Efficient Onboarding Process

  • New hires can quickly familiarize themselves with their roles and expectations, accelerating the onboarding process and promoting productivity from day one.

Proactive Career Development

  • With transparent access to role information, employees can identify areas for growth and development, facilitating proactive career planning discussions with managers.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Accessing the Career module

    • Log in to your admin account on Teamflect.

    • Select "Career" from the menu options to enter the Career module.

  2. Navigating to the Roles sub-section

    • Once in the Career module, locate and click on the "Roles" sub-section.

    • This will bring up a list of settings related to roles within your organization.

  3. Enabling role information visibility

    • In the Roles settings, locate the option labeled "Show Role Information to Users'' at the top.

    • This setting allows users to view their job title, description, key responsibilities, and required competencies.

    • Toggle the switch next to this setting to enable it.

  4. Confirmation and visibility

    • After enabling the setting, users will be able to see their role information when they visit their "Settings & Profile" section.

    • Managers and admins will also have access to this information when they visit the user's Teamflect profile.

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