How to Customize the Career Module
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Teamflect offers robust features within its Career module to help you streamline organizational structure, enhance role clarity, and ensure that your team possesses the necessary skills and competencies for success. Below are step-by-step guides on how to add job competencies and job titles efficiently:

Adding Job Competencies

Step 1: Accessing the Competency Library

  1. Log in to Teamflect and navigate to the Admin Center.

  2. Click on the Career module to access the Competency Library.

Step 2: Adding a New Competency

  1. Within the Competency Library, click on the "+ Add New Competency" button.

  1. Provide the following information:

    • Competency Name: Enter the name of the competency.

    • Competency Level: Specify the proficiency level (e.g., beginner, intermediate), if you wish you can customize it by clicking on "Manage levels".

    • Expectations for the Competency: Describe the competency's expectations or tasks.

  2. Click "Save" to add the competency to the library.

Step 3: Relating Competencies to Job Roles

  1. After saving the competency, navigate to the Role section within the Career module.

  2. Select the relevant role and locate the section for required competencies.

  3. Add the newly created competency from the Competency Library to this section.

Adding Job Titles:

Step 1: Automatic Import from Microsoft 365

  1. Access the Admin Center and navigate to the Career Section.

  2. Click on the Roles tab within the Career section.

  3. Utilize the "Scan My Organization" button to automatically import job titles from Microsoft 365.

  4. Review the imported titles for accuracy.

Step 2: Manual Addition

  1. Within the Career section, go to the Roles tab.

  2. Click on the "+ Add New Role" button to add a job title manually.

Fill in the required details for the job title:

  • Role Name, Description, Unique Identifier, Role Level, Employment Type, Key Responsibilities, Required Competencies.

Click "Save" to add the job title to the Roles section within the Career module.

By following these straightforward steps, you can efficiently manage job competencies and job titles in Teamflect, promoting role clarity, skill development, and organizational effectiveness.


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