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How can I add a job competency for a job title?
How can I add a job competency for a job title?
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In Teamflect, ensuring that your team possesses the necessary skills and competencies is essential for achieving success. Here's how you can add a job competency to the Competency Library:

Accessing the Competency Library

Log in to Teamflect and navigate to the Admin Center.

Locate and click on the Career module to navigate to Competency Library.

Adding a New Competency

Click on the "+ Add New Competency" button.

Provide the following information for the competency:

Competency Name: Enter the name of the competency.

Competency Level: Specify the proficiency level of the competency (e.g., beginner, intermediate).

  • Expectations for the Competency: Describe the expectations for this competency. These could include specific responsibilities or tasks associated with the competency for a particular job title.

  • Once all necessary information is entered, click on the "Save" button to add the competency to the Competency Library.

Relating Competencies to Job Roles

After the competency is saved in the library, you can associate it with specific job roles.

Navigate to the Role section within the Career module.

Select the relevant role to which you want to add the competency.

Within the role details, locate the section for required competencies. Add the newly created competency from the Competency Library to this section.

By following these steps, you can seamlessly add job competencies to Teamflect, ensuring that your team members possess the skills needed to excel in their roles.

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