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How can I upload attachments to user profiles through the Admin Center?
How can I upload attachments to user profiles through the Admin Center?
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Efficiently associating pertinent documents with user profiles in Teamflect enhances data organization and accessibility. Follow these comprehensive steps to seamlessly attach files to user profiles within the Active Users section of the admin center.

Step 1: Accessing the Admin Center

Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Teamflect admin center at

Log in using your designated administrator credentials to gain access to the administrative dashboard.

Step 2: Navigating to the Active Users Section

Within the admin center, select the "Users" section from the main menu and choose the "Active Users" subsection to view the list of currently active users within the platform.

Step 3: Attaching Files to User Profiles

Locate the dedicated "Attachments" column situated alongside the user's profile information.

Click on the ''No attachment'' or ''X number of attachments'' statements to upload and associate relevant files directly with the specific user's profile.

On the pop-up, you have the option to remove previously uploaded files or upload new ones by clicking the ''Add new attachment'' button. It's worth noting that you can upload multiple files at once.

Step 4: Adjust File Visibility

Depending on your preference, the attached file may be visible to the following people within the user's Teamflect profile:

  1. All Teamflect Users

  2. Managers and admins (user's managerial hierarchy and Teamflect administrators)

  3. Admins only

After making sure the files are uploaded to the system, you can click on ''Add'' for the attachments to appear within the user's Teamflect profile.

Beneficial Use Cases

  1. Documented Compliance: Associate essential compliance documents, including certifications and licenses, ensuring easy accessibility and streamlined compliance management for each user.

  2. Enhanced Information Retrieval: Attach pertinent training materials, contracts, or performance records to promote streamlined data retrieval for user-specific references and reviews.

  3. Project Resource Allocation: Associate project-related documents and guidelines with respective user profiles, ensuring their managers have access to necessary resources.

By leveraging the file attachment feature within the Active Users section of the admin center in Teamflect, you can seamlessly manage and organize user-related documents, fostering improved data accessibility and streamlined information management for enhanced operational efficiency.

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