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How can I customize the text color on the Home page?
How can I customize the text color on the Home page?
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For users who prefer a darker color for their Teamflect Home page background, it is now possible to customize the text color that says ‘’Hello, [User’s Name]’’ on the Home page.

Step 1

Visit the General Settings section in your admin center.

Step 2

Find the related setting ‘’Text color for home page’’ and insert the desired color code.

If you prefer a darker background for your Teamflect Home page and want to customize the text color that says "Hello, [User Name] 👋," you can easily do so with these steps:

Beneficial Use Cases

Use Case 1: Personalized User Experience

Scenario: You want to personalize the appearance of your Teamflect Home page to make it feel more welcoming and unique.

Solution: By customizing the text color, you can match it to your preferred background, creating a personalized user experience.

Use Case 2: Improved Readability

Scenario: You have chosen a darker background for your Home page, but the default text color is hard to read.

Solution: Changing the text color to a more suitable shade improves the readability of the "Hello, [User's Name]" text, ensuring it stands out on your chosen background.

Use Case 3: Branding and Company Colors

Scenario: Your organization has specific branding guidelines, and you want to align your Teamflect Home page with your company's colors.

Solution: Customize the text color to match your company's brand colors, reinforcing brand consistency and identity.

Use Case 4: Accessibility Considerations

Scenario: Accessibility is a priority, and you need to ensure that the text on your Home page is easy to read for all users.

Solution: Adjust the text color to meet accessibility standards, ensuring that your Home page remains inclusive for all users, including those with visual impairments.

By following these steps and considering the beneficial use cases, you can easily customize the text color on your Teamflect Home page, creating a more personalized and user-friendly experience for yourself and your team.

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