How can I disable Teamflect home page?
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On the Teamflect home page, you can view your upcoming meetings, your recent activities, your goals, your tasks and your latest reviews, feedback and recognition.

However, Teamflect users may sometimes use a single module of Teamflect. In such cases, the Teamflect home page does not contain summary information of the modules you do not use.

For example, let's assume that you use Teamflect only for the Recognitions module. In this case, since you do not use modules such as task, meeting, and goals; the sections related to these modules on the home page will be blank. For this reason, you may not need the Teamflect home page in some cases.

Step 1

To disable Teamflect home page, first, click on the "Admin Center" button in the left side menu of Teamflect.

Step 2

Then find the “General settings” and click on it.

Step 3

Here you can see the "Home Page enabled button. If you turn this button off, the button for Teamflect home page is removed from the left navigation menu and you can continue to use Teamflect without the home page.

The appearance of the menu when the home page is enabled:

The appearance of the menu when the home page is disabled:

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