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How can I change my Teamflect notification settings?
How can I change my Teamflect notification settings?
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Teamflect uses email and Microsoft Teams bot notifications to make sure that you are always on top of what is going on in Teamflect.

Although most of our customers find our notifications very useful, if you are very active on Teamflect, you may receive too many notifications, which can be overwhelming from time to time.

Option 1: Locate the ''Bell'' Icon

Start by logging into your Teamflect account and navigating to the home page. On the top right side of the page, you'll find a bell ring icon next to your profile picture. Click on this icon to access your notifications.

Upon clicking, you'll see the ''Settings'' button, which directs you to the Notification Settings section.

Option 2: User Settings Section

To change your Teamflect notification settings, simply click the "User settings" button located at the bottom left of the screen.

When you open your "User Settings" page, you will see your "Notification Settings" below the "General Settings.". You can use these toggles and drop-downs to change your notification settings.

Notification Frequency: Possible options are "instantly" and "never."

Receive notifications via: Possible options are "Email," "Teams," and "Both." This setting is selected as "Both" by default. You can change it by selecting other options.

Module Notifications: If you want to turn notifications off or on from a module, you can activate or deactivate your notifications by toggling the button next to the module name.

To view the module notifications in more detail, you can click on the triangle to the left of the module names. In the section that opens, you can view the notification types in the selected module and turn off the notification type you want.

Note: These notification settings are only for your notifications; however, the admin may manage them centrally in the admin center. When this is the case, you'll not be able to adjust your notification preferences for some modules.

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