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How to manage notification settings centrally?
How to manage notification settings centrally?
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As an HR professional managing Teamflect, you now have the power to streamline organization-wide notification settings effortlessly. Here's how:

1. Access the Admin Center

Head over to to enter the Admin Center.

2. Navigate to Settings

Once inside, locate the 'Settings' tab and click on it.

3. Select Notification Settings

Within the Settings menu, find and click on 'Notification Settings.'

4. Customize Notifications

Here, you'll see a list of specific activities with toggle buttons next to them. Click on the arrows to expand and view detailed notifications for each activity.

5. Toggle On/Off

Easily enable or disable notifications by toggling the buttons according to your preferences.

6. Lock Admin Settings

To ensure consistency, select the 'Admin locked' setting. This prevents end-users from altering module notifications while maintaining clarity and adherence to company policies.

By centralizing notification controls, you guarantee that important updates and alerts are never missed across your organization. Take charge of communication efficiency with Teamflect's admin notification settings.

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