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How can I add my direct reports/manager and what happens when I add them?
How can I add my direct reports/manager and what happens when I add them?
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The "My People" tab on the Home page is a useful feature in Teamflect that allows you to manage and keep track of your relationships within your organization.

Note: If your organization chart has been uploaded to Microsoft Teams, Teamflect can fetch it and populate the relevant sections automatically. When uploaded, in the "My People" section, you will find a list of your manager and direct reports. This list provides a convenient way for you to keep track of your team members and understand their roles within the organization.

To add people as your manager or direct report, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click the "Add direct reports" button.

​Step 2: Select a user from the list of available options or search for the individual by their name.

Step 3: Specify the type of relationship you have with this person from the list. (e.g., mentor, mentee, indirect manager, report).

The relationship tags may be more or less dependent on your company structure.

Step 4: Set the desired frequency for 1-on-1 meetings with this person.

Step 5: Optionally, add a customized note to provide additional context or information.

  • Since managers can access sensitive data (feedback received, private recognitions, performance appraisals, etc.) related to their direct reports, we do not simply allow everyone to add each other as direct reports or managers.

  • It's important to note that when you request to add someone to your Focus People list, the other party needs to approve your request. If the approval is pending, you will see a warning indicator next to that person's name.

The other party will see a button and will be able to approve or reject your request.

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