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Can I use Teamflect in my 1-to-Many meetings?
Can I use Teamflect in my 1-to-Many meetings?
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You can use Teamflect to have more effective meetings with multiple attendees. Previously, only one-on-one meetings could be viewed in Teamflect, but with this new 1-to-many meetings feature, you can now see your multi-participant meetings in Teamflect.

You can manage these meetings from the “Home” page or "Meetings" page.

Upcoming meetings on the home page:

Upcoming meetings on the "Meetings" page:

To see who the participants of the relevant meeting are, you can look at the profile photos on the right side of the selected meeting.

The feedback section, which is included in the one-on-one meeting pages, is not included in the one-to-many meeting pages. You can see the feedback section of the one-on-one meeting here.

Note: You can't see the feedback section in the one-to-many meetings.

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