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Where does Teamflect get a user's manager information from?
Where does Teamflect get a user's manager information from?
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Teamflect is integrated with Microsoft Azure AD (Active Directory), a cloud-based identity and access management service offered by Microsoft. This integration allows Teamflect to access essential user information, including manager details, org chart data, department, and job title. Azure AD is commonly employed by organizations to efficiently manage user identities and permissions across various applications and services.

The Integration Process

When Teamflect integrates with Azure AD, it leverages Azure AD's API (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate the retrieval of user information. Azure AD's API enables secure and structured communication between Teamflect and Azure AD's database. Within Azure AD, the manager information is typically stored as an attribute of each user's account. Teamflect utilizes the appropriate API endpoints provided by Azure AD to access this data. This seamless integration empowers organizations to keep employee information up-to-date in Teamflect, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the platform.

For more detailed information on how to set up and manage this integration, we recommend referring to Teamflect's documentation here or contacting our support team for assistance.

Note 1: If your organization does not have access to Microsoft Azure AD, you can still establish relationships and manage user information using Teamflect's built-in Relationships functionality in the Admin Center. To do so, please follow the steps outlined in this article.

Note 2: If you don't manage relationships in Teamflect, but in Microsoft, you can learn more about how to change the manager in Microsoft Entra ID. Here is a short video:

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