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Something is not right, how can I create a ticket?
Something is not right, how can I create a ticket?
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Although we do our best to keep everything working and bug-free in Teamflect, there can be some issues from time to time.

You can create a ticket to help us solve the issues you are facing as fast as possible. To create a ticket, click the "Bubble" button located at the bottom right of the screen.

You will see two options, "Help articles" and "Support". First, check out our articles by clicking "Help articles" to see if you can find the solution to your problem in this section.

If you've tried these steps but are still running into problems, click on the "Support" button to chat with our team or create a ticket.

A pop-up window will open. Click "Create a ticket". Then add a subject, write a description, and optionally attach an image that shows the error/bug you are facing.

After you complete the form, you can click "Send a message".

Note: Our first response time average is 14 hours but it can take up to 24 hours to hear back from us from time to time.

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