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How to see deleted users' data in Teamflect
How to see deleted users' data in Teamflect
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As an administrator, you have certain privileges that allow you to access and manage user data in Teamflect. While users may occasionally delete their accounts/ leave the company, it is essential to have the ability to access their information when necessary.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to see deleted users' data using the User Search feature.

Step 1

Access User Search: Once you're logged in, you'll find the User Search bar on the left side of the Teamflect interface. Click on the User Search bar to open it.

Step 2

Include Deleted Users: Within the User Search bar, you'll see an option labeled "Include deleted users (only for admins)." Check the box next to this option to include deleted users in your search results. Then, enter the name of the deleted user you want to retrieve data for in the User Search bar. As you type, Teamflect will dynamically display matching user accounts. From the search results, locate the deleted user's profile and click on it to access their account information.

Once you are on the deleted user's profile page, you will be able to access and view their data. This includes information such as files, documents, tasks, goals, and everything else.

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