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Who has edit rights on goals?

Goal edit rights: creator, owner, owner's managers, Teamflect admins. All changes logged in "Progress Updates." Track changes in feed view.

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The below roles have edit rights on goals:

  • Goal creator (The person who assigns the goal)

  • Goal owner (The person responsible for achieving the goal)

  • Managerial hierarchy of the goal owner (Goal owner's manager's manager)

  • Teamflect admins

Note: All edits are added automatically to the ''Progress Updates'' sections for auditing purposes.

You can also track the changes made to the goals with the feed view. When you switch to feed view, you can track the changes in goals in chronological order. Status changes, progress updates, and comments made on goals are directly reflected in the feed view.

Note for Teamflect Administrators: To learn how to restrict goal owners from editing their goal details, click here.

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