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How can I see goal updates in a feed view?
How can I see goal updates in a feed view?
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In addition to the standard ''List'' view, you can view the goals created in Teamflect as a "Feed View". When you switch to feed view, you can track the changes in goals in chronological order. Status changes, progress updates, and comments made on goals are directly reflected in the feed view.

If you are a people manager, you can easily track the changes made by your direct reports to their goals with this feed view.

Step 1

To switch to feed view, first select "Goals" from the left-side menu.

Step 2

Then click the "Feed view" option in the middle.

In each feed box, you can see the description of the goal, the name of the person who updated the goal, and what that person updated in the goal.

Alternative Way

You can also filter the goals by clicking on the people icons in the upper right corner.

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