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How do I restrict end-users' access to goal labels?
How do I restrict end-users' access to goal labels?
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To provide you with more control and organization over your goal labels, we've introduced the feature of setting "official" labels that can only be added or edited by administrators.

This enhancement ensures a standardized and structured labeling system while preventing unauthorized changes. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating and managing official goal labels, along with some use cases to illustrate its benefits.

Step 1

Begin by logging in to your Admin Center at and locating the Goals module.

Step 2

Within the module, locate and click on "Add/edit labels" below the "Allow goal labels" setting. This will take you to the label management interface.

Step 3

While creating a new label for your goals or editing an existing one, you will notice an option: "Can only be added by admins." Check this box to designate the label as "official" for administrators' use only.

That way, your non-admin users will not be able to select the specific labels restricted to admins' usage only.

Use Cases for Official Goal Labels

Now, let's explore some use cases that demonstrate why setting official goal labels can be beneficial for your organization:

Use Case 1: Enhanced Label Management

Scenario: Your organization has numerous goals, and you want to maintain better control over the labels used to categorize them.

Solution: By designating certain labels as "official," you ensure that only administrators have the authority to create or edit them. This results in a more organized and structured labeling system.

Use Case 2: Standardized Goal Categorization

Scenario: You need to standardize how specific goals are categorized or labeled for reporting and analysis purposes.

Solution: Official labels help standardize the categorization of goals, reducing inconsistencies and ensuring accurate reporting and analysis across your organization.

Use Case 3: Preventing Unauthorized Labeling

Scenario: You want to prevent unauthorized users from using important goal labels.

Solution: With the "Can only be added by admins" setting, you can protect critical labels from unintended changes or misuse by restricting access to administrators.

By following these steps and considering the use cases mentioned above, you can effectively manage and categorize your organization's goals in Teamflect. This feature enhancement provides you with greater flexibility and control over your goal-labeling processes, ultimately improving goal management and reporting within your organization. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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