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How can I create custom goal labels?
How can I create custom goal labels?
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You can add labels to goals created within Teamflect to highlight important keywords related to the goals or to differentiate those goals from other goals.

Step 1:

Begin by logging in to your Admin Center at and locating the Goals module.

Step 2:

Here you can see the " Allow goal labels” section. If you turn this button on, Teamflect users can add labels to goals. To add and edit labels, please click "Add/edit labels". This will take you to the label management interface.

Step 3:

Here you can search for/edit existing labels or click "Create a label" to create a new one.

Step 4:

After clicking "Create Label", set a title for the label and optionally add a description. Then set the label color and click "Create."

Note: While creating a new label for your goals or editing an existing one, you will notice an option: "Can only be added by admins." Check this box to designate the label as "official" for administrators' use only. That way, your non-admin users will not be able to select the specific labels restricted to admins' usage only. To learn more, click here.

Step 5:

The new labels you have created will be added to the labels list in the Admin Center. When you click on a goal in the Teamflect application, you will see the "Labels" section on the right side of that goal. You can click "Add" to add a goal label. Select the desired label and click "Done." If you want, you can add more than one label to your goal.

The labels you have added appear like this when you click on a goal.

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