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How can I assign a goal to multiple people?
How can I assign a goal to multiple people?
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You can easily involve multiple colleagues in your goals! In this guide for end users, we'll show you how to add multiple people to a new goal, fostering teamwork and productivity within your organization.

Note: To assign a goal to multiple people, it's worth noting that the related setting in the Admin Center must be enabled. If you can't select multiple owners, it is best to contact your organization's Teamflect administrators. To learn more, click here.

Step 1: Navigate to the ''Goals'' module

Navigate to the "Goals" section of your Teamflect dashboard. This is where you can create and manage your goals.

Step 2: Create a new goal

To add multiple people to a new goal, start by creating a new goal. Look for the "New Goal" button and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the owners

In the process of creating your new goal, you'll come across the ''Owner(s)'' section, where you can select the colleagues you want to be involved in this goal. Here, you can assign the goal either as a group goal or individually.

Create separate goals for selected people:

  • This option generates two distinct goals, one for Abby and another for Michael.

  • Contributions are calculated individually, and they each bear a unique responsibility.

  • Their performance and contribution metrics are tracked independently.

Create a single goal owned by selected people:

  • This option consolidates the goals into a single objective shared by both Abby and Michael.

  • They collaborate on the same goal, and their contributions are not separately measured.

  • Responsibility is jointly shared, and the focus is on the collective achievement of the shared goal.

Step 4: Complete the goal details

Continue to fill in the goal details, such as the goal name, due date, description, and so on.

Step 5: Click ''Create''

Once you've added all the details and included your colleagues as the owners, don't forget to save your goal. Look for the "Create" button and give it a click.

With the ability to add multiple people to your goals, you're opening the door to enhanced collaboration and shared success.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues along the way, our support team is here to lend a hand.

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