How can I use department goals?
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Step 1

In Teamflect, if you create a goal for a particular department, you can find it under the "Department" tab. But for this, when you are creating the goal, you must select "Department" as the goal type. The goal will be assigned to the goal owner's department automatically. By selecting the department you want to view, you can reach the departmental goals owned by people in that department.

The department you are in will appear as "My Department".

Step 2

To create a department goal, first select "Goals" from the left-side menu.

Step 3

Then click the "New Goal" button and select the department goal in the pop-up window.

Step 4

Then specify the owner's name. When the owner is determined, the department information will appear on the left.

Step 5

Then complete the other steps required to create the goal and click the "Create" button. You can see the department goal under the department you specified. In this example, since we have selected a user working in the finance department, we can find the target under the finance department tab.

The created department goals have a pink icon indicating that that goal is the department goal.

Note: To create customized goal types in addition to the default ones, please click here.

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