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What are the different goal types?
What are the different goal types?
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Teamflect provides the Goals module, which allows users to set and track their progress toward various types of goals. Below, you can find the definition and detailed explanation of four default goal types in Teamflect.

Note: To create customized goal types in addition to the default ones, please click here.

1. Individual Goals

  • Individual goals are goals set by individual employees. These goals may be related to job responsibilities or may be aimed at contributing to the parent goal attached.

  • Examples of individual goals might include increasing sales or improving customer satisfaction ratings.

2. Company Goals

  • Company goals are goals set for the organization as a whole and may be aimed at achieving specific business objectives.

  • Examples of company goals might include increasing revenue, improving product quality, or reducing operating costs.

  • Company goals are typically aligned with the overall mission and vision of the organization, and all employees are expected to work towards achieving them.

3. Department Goals

  • Department goals are goals set for a specific department within the organization. These goals may be related to department-specific responsibilities or may be aimed at contributing to the achievement of company goals.

  • Examples of department goals might include improving the efficiency of a specific process, reducing costs within a department, or increasing customer satisfaction ratings for a particular product or service.

4. Self-development Goals

  • Self-development goals are goals set by an individual for their personal and professional growth. These goals may be unrelated to job responsibilities but aim to improve the employee's overall skills and abilities.

  • Examples of self-development goals might include learning a new language, improving public speaking skills, or becoming proficient in a new software application.

When creating a goal in Teamflect, users can choose one of the four goal types to help them focus and align their goals with their personal or professional goals, company goals, or department goals. By setting and tracking goals in Teamflect, employees and their managers can increase their efficiency and performance, leading to improved results for the organization as a whole.

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