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What are the differences between goals and tasks?
What are the differences between goals and tasks?

Goals are long-term objectives, broad and impactful, achieved over weeks or years, requiring tasks for completion. Tasks are specific, short-term actions supporting goal achievement, completed in days or hours.

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Goals/OKRs and tasks are two concepts that are often used interchangeably, but they are quite different. A goal is a broad, long-term objective that a person or organization hopes to achieve. It is something that is generally achieved over some time, and it requires a series of smaller tasks to be completed to reach the final objective.


  • Definition: Goals are overarching, long-term objectives that individuals or teams aim to achieve.

  • Nature: Broad and abstract, requiring extensive planning and preparation.

  • Timeframe: Typically achieved over weeks, months, or even years.

  • Significance: Considered more important, with a greater impact on the individual or organization.


  • Definition: Tasks are specific, actionable items designed to progress towards the accomplishment of a goal.

  • Nature: More concrete and focused, often completed in a shorter period.

  • Timeframe: Usually accomplished in a matter of days or hours.

  • Significance: Generally less important, daily objectives with a more limited scope compared to goals.

Implementation in Teamflect

Goals Module

Select the type of goal: individual, self-development, company goals, or any other custom goal type.

Track progress through smaller tasks linked to the goal.

Associate goals with other main goals or specific groups.

Tasks Module

Assign tasks to specific individuals with a set due date.

Associate tasks with a goal, identifying their role in achieving broader objectives.

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