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What happens when I click “Release for discussion” in a review?
What happens when I click “Release for discussion” in a review?
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  • If you are a reviewee, when a review is sent to you, you can start answering the questions related to you in the review.

  • After you write your answers to the question sets in the review, you will complete your part of the review.

Once you've completed a review, you can press the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page, so the review can move on to the next state.

  • If you are an employee of the company, after you have completed the review, click the "Submit" button and the review will be forwarded to the reviewer. Then the reviewer fills in his/her parts in the review.

  • If you are a reviewer, first the reviewee answers the questions in the review and submits the review to you. When it's your turn, you answer the questions in the review.

  • After typing your answers in the relevant fields, click on the "Release for discussion" or "Release & Finalize" button.

If you press the "Release for discussion" button, this window will open.

Note: You can release the review for a discussion regardless of your calibration status. Even if the calibration is on, you will now have a chance to release the reviews and have a meeting with your reviewee!

When you submit your answers, the reviewee will be able to see them. You will have time to modify your answers before the review is finalized.

After clicking the "Submit & Release" button, you can arrange a 1-on-1 meeting with your employee and go over the review.

Note: If you click on the "Release & Finalize" button you cannot modify the answers.

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