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What happens when I click “Release & Finalize” in a review?
What happens when I click “Release & Finalize” in a review?
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After the reviewee and reviewer answer the questions in the review, they can arrange a one-on-one meeting to discuss the answers together and go over the issues. After these meetings are completed, the review is now ready to be finalized.

At this stage, as a reviewer, you can finalize the review by clicking the "Release and Finalize" button.

When the review is finalized, the answers and the results will not be editable anymore.

After pressing the finalize button, your review will be submitted. At this stage, you can set up a 1-on-1 meeting with reviewee or you can skip this step for now.

If you select the "Set 1-on-1" option, you can set a meeting from that pop-up window. The meeting you set is automatically synchronized with Outlook and you can reach the meeting details in the Outlook calendar.

Note: Reviewees can not finalize the reviews. Only reviewers can finalize the review cycle.When a review is finalized reviewees will receive a card from the Teamflect chatbot.

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