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How can I purchase Teamflect licenses with a credit card? (Payment through Microsoft)
How can I purchase Teamflect licenses with a credit card? (Payment through Microsoft)
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Teamflect uses Microsoft AppSource as one of its payment gateways. Microsoft AppSource is designed for finding and purchasing software solutions that are integrated into Microsoft products such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, etc. Please follow the steps below to purchase Teamflect licenses with a credit card.

Step 1

Please go to Teamflect’s AppSource offer page.

Step 2

Click “Get it now.”

Step 3

You should sign in with the account that you are planning to use Teamflect with. After signing in, you may be redirected to the same page; if this is the case, click "Get it now" again.

Step 4

If this is your first AppSource purchase, you may be asked to select your location. Select your location and click "Confirm.".

Step 5

On the next screen, please select one of Teamflect's subscription plans. Then click "Next.".

Step 6

Select the billing term and turn the recurring billing option on or off. When recurring billing is turned on, you'll be billed for your subscription on your renewal date. Recurring billing controls whether or not your subscription will renew. Then enter the number of Teamflect users and click "Next.".

Step 7

On the payment page, please click "Add a new payment method" to add your payment method.

Step 8

Enter your credit card information and click "Save.".

Step 9

After saving the new payment method, you can click "Accept the agreement and place order" to complete the payment.

Step 10

You can see the order details on this page. Please click "Configure SaaS account" to activate the subscription and complete the purchasing process.

Step 11

Your subscription is activated. You can visit the Teamflect Admin Center to check or manage your licenses.

If you want to view your invoices, go to and click the "Billing" button on the left navigation menu. Then please click "Bills & Payments" to see the invoices.

You can view the list of your previous invoices on that page. Click on the invoice to see the invoice details.

You can find the invoice summary on this page.

Note: We suggest that you activate the subscription as soon as possible, as the "Activate Now" link in the email expires in 24 hours. After 24 hours, you need to go to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center for the activation process.

If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to us using this email address: [email protected], or by using the "Contact us" button below.

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