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How to access deleted meeting details?
How to access deleted meeting details?
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Teamflect offers a convenient feature that allows users to retrieve information from cancelled or rescheduled meetings effortlessly. With this functionality, users can rest assured that valuable meeting data, including talking points, tasks, and preparations, remains accessible even after the meeting is canceled.

How to Access Deleted Meetings

1. Navigate to the Meetings module within Teamflect

2. Locate the meeting that had been canceled or deleted

A "canceled" tag will be displayed next to the canceled meeting for easy identification.

Retrieving Meeting Information

1. Click on the canceled meeting to open it

  • You will find that all previously entered talking points, details, and preparations are still accessible, ensuring that no information is lost.

  • By utilizing Teamflect's accessing deleted meetings feature, users can seamlessly retrieve and review important meeting information, streamlining communication and collaboration within the team.

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