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How to evaluate a team in a 9-box grid?
How to evaluate a team in a 9-box grid?
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In Teamflect, the 9-Box-Grid Team View feature offers a comprehensive way to assess and visualize your team's performance and potential. This tool combines two axes: performance and potential, to provide a holistic view of individual team members' contributions and growth opportunities within your organization.

How to Access the 9-Box-Grid Team View

To utilize Teamflect's 9-Box-Grid Team View, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the user profile of the team member whose evaluation you wish to review.

Enter the name of the user you would like to evaluate in the search bar and go to their user profile.

2. Click on the "9-Box Evaluation" button located within the user profile. Click on "See/Edit."

3. Next, you will see the 9-box evaluation for the user you are searching for. Click on the "Switch to team view" to see the 9-box evaluation of all your direct reports in a team view.

On the right-hand side, you can see all your direct reports and their latest evaluations. If necessary, you can click on their names to view all their evaluations in chronological order.

Additionally, for those who have not been evaluated, you can easily complete their evaluation by clicking on their names on the right.

With the Team View function, managers gain the ability to view the 9-Box Grid for their entire team, offering insights into each team member's role within the organization.

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