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Can guest users in my organization use Teamflect?
Can guest users in my organization use Teamflect?
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As of now, guest users within your organization cannot utilize Teamflect due to a limitation imposed by Microsoft. This limitation restricts guest users from logging in and accessing the platform. While we recognize the importance of collaboration and external involvement in your projects, we want to inform you that, unfortunately, the current configuration does not support guest user accounts. This means that only members with valid accounts within your organization will be able to fully utilize Teamflect's features and functionalities.

Our team is continuously monitoring updates from Microsoft and exploring ways to improve the platform's accessibility and inclusivity. For the time being, we recommend ensuring all relevant team members have active accounts within your organization to make the most of Teamflect's collaboration tools. By doing so, your team can effectively work together and streamline your projects seamlessly within the platform.

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