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Which goals are included in Goal Check-ins?
Which goals are included in Goal Check-ins?

Goal check-ins include active, incomplete sub-goals, not parent goals directly. Progress tied to tasks isn't shown.

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The goals included in the goal check-in feature are the incomplete and still active goals in the company. Teamflect automatically brings these goals together and sends them to people as a card via chatbot and e-mail.

You cannot update the parent goals directly because the parent goals are dependent on some sub-goals. For this reason, your parent goals are not visible on the goal check-ins, but the sub-goals related to parent goals can be seen on the goal check-ins. When you update the sub-goals, the parent goal is also updated.

In this example, the "new customers from the MEA region" goal is dependent on sub-goals. These subgoals are "1 from the UAE" and "1 from South Africa."

On the "Goal check-in" card, you can see the sub-goals related to this parent goal instead of the parent goal.

If the progress of a goal is related to tasks, you cannot view these goals in the "goal check-in feature. In this example, the "Complete Teamflect roll-out in Q2" goal is related to the tasks on the lower right of the page.

You cannot update this goal manually, as the progress of this goal depends on these tasks. Therefore, you cannot view this goal on the "goal check-in" cards. As seen in the image below, the "Complete Teamflect roll-out in Q2" goal is not included in the "Goal check-in" card.

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