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How do I restrict end-users from editing their own task details?
How do I restrict end-users from editing their own task details?
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In Teamflect, you can now prevent task owners from making changes to the due date, title, or description of their assigned tasks. This feature ensures that task information remains consistent and accurate.

Here's a quick guide on how to implement this restriction:

Step 1: Access the Tasks Module

Open the Teamflect app and navigate to the "Tasks" module.

Step 2: Create a New Task

Click on the "New task" button to create a new task.

Step 3: Define the Task

Enter the task details, including the title, description, due date, checklist, and recurrence rules (if needed).

Step 4: Lock for Editing

Scroll down to find the setting labeled "Lock for editing."

Step 5: Activate the Restriction

Toggle the button to enable the restriction. This action will prevent the task owner from editing the task's due date, title, or description after it has been assigned to them.

Beneficial Use Cases

  1. Maintain Consistency: Ensure that task details remain consistent and reliable throughout the task's lifecycle.

  2. Deadline Integrity: Prevent accidental changes to due dates, helping to meet project deadlines effectively.

  3. Task Clarity: Keep task titles and descriptions intact, avoiding confusion and miscommunication.

  4. Accountability: Encourage accountability by maintaining the original task information.

By following these simple steps, you can enhance task management within Teamflect by restricting task owners from editing critical task details after assignment, promoting accuracy, and accountability.

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