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How can I create a recurring task?
How can I create a recurring task?
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Teamflect offers a feature that allows users to create recurring tasks. This feature is useful when you have tasks that need to be completed regularly. With recurring tasks, you no longer need to create new tasks each time. Instead, you can set the task to repeat at certain intervals.

To create a recurring task in Teamflect, log in to your Teamflect account and navigate to the Tasks module.

Click on the "New Task" button to create a new task.

Enter the task details, such as the title, description, and due date. To make the task recurring, toggle the "Recurrence" button.

Choose how often you want the task to be repeated. You can choose from weekly or monthly intervals. Select the start date for the recurring task. Choose the days of the week or month that the task should repeat. Then set the time and click the "Create" button to create the recurring task.

Here you can see the task details prepared for an example scenario:

Alternatively, you can add an end date to the recurring task by clicking the ''Recur until'' option.

When you click on the task, you can see the recurring icon next to the task title.

You can close the recurrence at any time by clicking the pen icon.

You can make recurrence on and off by toggling the "Recurrence" button.

To learn more about how to manage your recurrence rules in one place, click here.

Note: If you have inserted checklist items in your recurring tasks, they will also reoccur with the task.

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